Friday, February 16, 2018

Fitness saves my life Daily

The past several weeks have brought many distractions within our home and business life. Avenues have opened, some closed, and some still winding in many different directions. Life is an ever changing adventure that we must embrace on the daily. With daily struggles there has to be good to outweigh the bad, right?
Changes these last few weeks: dog ran off 5x in two weeks, dog impounded, placed our dog for adoption, got rid of the dog, show house, business opportunities present great deal of time spent away from home (late nights, early mornings),  continuing education documentation was misfiled by entity, submit paperwork and coursework to deem in good standing, very personal women's health related issues, toddler potty training, toddler not sleeping, putting toddler to bed by laying on the floor until he is asleep just so you don't have to hear him cry because your head hurts already, continuing education paperwork lost in the mail, mother gets emergency surgery, toddler and brothers waking 5am!? 2 pieces of gym equipment needing repair, order parts, finally repaired. 3 year old won't stay in bed, kids miss dog, questionable business outcomes, change hours of operation, BIG PROJECTS, kids fighting all the time, computer crash at business, re-route all computers and printing gym computer 2, get notified of recall on new hardware at gym, check recall, no need for repair, 3 treadmills in one day crash at the gym we own, order treadmills, install one, repaired 2. Resend continuing ed. paperwork that was lost in the mail, call number for shipping reimbursement (no one answers, fax line?!) Toilet won't drain, one son with a rash and cough, 2 with runny nose and cough.
All within three weeks time.

Several mishaps, various frustrations, my husband and I just look at each other with despair! Many times though, we'd just look at each other and laugh in wonder. Wonder of if it is still going to be this way tomorrow? In a few days? A week? A month? A year?

Humor, cries, laughs, tons of prayer, and fitness have gotten me through these past several weeks.

Through many failures, goals, heartaches, and successes I have found that exercise has helped me through it all.
Nearly 5 days a week I am up at 5:00am to get my workout in before I see clients. My routine has been a little skewed over the coarse of all that has been going on, with kiddos barging into our room or not being able to sleep at 3am, I was often awake, unable to go back to sleep at 3:30 am. Looking back at those early mornings I praise God for getting me out of bed and into the gym.

You see fitness to me is much more than just health, feeling great, and looking good. Fitness to me is very personal and spiritual. It is what keeps my head on straight. My morning cardio consists of an elliptical or bike with the lights off (if no one else is there), worship music in my headphones, and my daily devo pulled up on my phone. Followed by weight training session, often spent hashing out the daily grind! Many-a-mornings spent this way before seeing clients. What a blessing!

Fitness saves my life daily. Keeps me grounded, clears my mind, keeps me in tune with my thoughts, body, and spiritual self. My gym time is my stress relief and my outlet, which allows for me to be better wife, mother, friend, daughter, and child of God.

Onward friends! I love you all so very much!