Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Somewhere in between a wife, mother, business owner, and fitness junkie

A few weeks ago I stumbled over toys scattered on the playroom floor adjacent to my office at the gym. Ever so casually I placed the toys in the big blue bin that my sons keep everything in. As I started for the exit to head home for the day I decided I'd take some of the toys home so that I could swap the items out for some from home. I like to do this every once in a while to keep things exciting for my youngsters. Just like most days I had a hand full of things to carry out to my car. Eight arms would have been sufficient but the toys found a place inside of my gym bag. At that moment one of my employees had arrived for his shift. While zipping up my gym bag I paused and said, "Wow, now that is an epic array of items in my gym bag." He peaked over at my bag and said something along the lines of, "That's how you know you're a mom." Laughing, I agreed before checking the diaper and wipe level in the playroom/nursery so that I could be prepared for the following day. On my drive home a toy with a tune went off in my gym bag as I hit a bump. Again confirming the life of a busy mom. A huge smile shown across my face the entire way home because I would not have it any other way!

Perhaps the above is the reason why I have not blogged in a couple of months.
Gym owner, mom of two who takes both kids to work, finds time to lift at least 4-5 times per week, is married to a man who owns our other business as a graphic/design artist who custom designs, prints, and installs vinyl banners, signs, graphics, decals, and does pencil sketch on the side. All more reasons why this blog has taken a back seat.

It just goes to show what is important in my life right now!
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Stay fit, stay focused, stay fabulous!

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